Alien Aces - Video Poker Game Instructions


Alien Aces is an alien themed video poker game, loosly based on the video poker game Jacks Or Better. You can play up to 3 hands all at once. To Play 3 hands click the "Bet Max" button at the
bottom left of the screen.

Click the "Deal or Draw" button at the bottom right to deal your initial cards. You will be dealt 5 initial cards. When you click on a card, you will hold it, for this hand and any additional hands you may be playing. When you click on the "Deal or Draw" button again,you will be dealt replacement cards for any cardyou did not choose to hold.

For every hand that has at least a pair of jacks, you will receive a payout in game credits. These credits aren't actually worth anything outside
of game play... this is all just for fun. To see the payout any given hand receives, click the "See Pays" button at the top left of the screen.

Click Here To Play!


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